The workshop on TEACHERS AS FACILITATORS, certified by National Skill Development Cooperation, was organised by SAM INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, DWARKA on 30th June , 2023. The resource person for the workshop was Ms Charu Bajaj, CEO of "Skills and you". Respected principal ma'am Ms Karuna Verma felicitated the resource person and laid emphasis that this workshop will certainly prove to be very beneficial for the teachers.

It was a skill based learning program which emphasized on cooperative and collaborative learning.
The details of the workshop entailed that learning objectives  is  to  achieve Competency Based Education where students are trained to become lifelong learners equipped with knowledge, abilities and certain skills. To achieve this learning, lesson plans must have clarity of general and specific objectives along with various methodologies and aids. Emphasis was laid on Graphic Organisers (GO) as a powerful vision tool. In Q/A session, the participants were enthusiastic in exchanging their teaching experiences and thoughts. 
They were also given activity based brain games which made workshop a great success. The workshop was also filled with Ms Charu Bajaj 's humor and passion, and finally concluded in an upbeat atmosphere of academic exchange.

Teachers’ training cum workshop

A day was dedicated to upskill and equip the teachers for the upcoming academic session. A Teachers’ training cum workshop was organised by SAM International School at SAManvay Hall on 1st April 2023. Mr Raman, an expert from Extramarks, an education technology company and the curriculum content provider, trained the teachers on how to access and make the most of this teaching resource. He also explained how to use the content to make learning easy and to give students practice of newly taught concepts. Another equally engaging workshop was conducted by Ms Raksha from Next Education. She demonstrated how various verticals on the platform can be utilised for the maximum benefit of teachers and students. The multiple view options, assistance in making lesson plans, preparing worksheets and turning the smart board into white board were the highlights of her presentation. It was an enriching day for the teachers and they are all geared up with essential tools to start the new academic session with enthusiasm.

Teachers’ Orientation programme

To aquaint the new members and to restate the existing staff about the rules, regulations and code of conduct SAM International school organised Teachers’ Orientation programme today. The teachers holding prominent roles and responsibilities along with the new joinees were introduced by Principal ma’am. All the guidelines were shared in an innovative and interesting manner in the form of enactment by the existing school teachers. The staff was also apprised about the awards and accolades the students received during the previous session with an aim to encourage the teachers to keep working towards higher goals. The programme ended with refreshment and department wise interaction of teachers.

Workshop on 'NEP 2020'

"Teaching is a very noble profession that shapes the character, caliber, and future of an individual." : Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam

An informative and highly interactive workshop on 'NEP 2020' was conducted in Samanvay Hall on 2nd July 2022 for all the teachers of the school.
Dr. Richa Verma, School Principal, Vidya Jain Public School, was the guest speaker for the session. She's a strategic thinker and subject matter expert of Computer Science in CBSE and a winner of Prestigious 2021 "State Teacher Award" by NCT Delhi, along with several other accolades to her name till date.
The event started with Respected School Principal, Ms. Karuna Verma addressing the gathering of teachers and welcoming the guest speaker. She then handed over the charge to Dr. Richa Verma.
At this NEP 2020 Workshop, information about Activity Based Teaching Learning Exercises, Holistic Development of Students, Aesthetic Teaching, and how to make effective lesson plans was dispersed to the teachers present there.
The workshop ended with some peer group based and individual activities. Overall, It was a wonderful session.


An informative workshop was conducted by school Principal Ms Karuna Verma to guide the teachers for preparing good question papers. She emphasised the importance of preparing blue prints before setting the question papers. She further added that preparing marking scheme and answer key is also an effective tool for checking the answer sheets. The session proved to be quite fruitful.


Next Education conducted a workshop for Principals on ‘ *JIGSAW- The essential pieces of foundation year curriculum ‘* on 20 November 2021.
The workshop highlighted the significance of fundamental literacy and numeracy in all primary learners. There was a panel discussion on the topic- ‘ *Foundation Years -coping up the lost precious time’*
It was a fun , practical and useful session that provided insight on the importance of early years of education, helping the educators understand the need to change the teaching pedagogy methods and the way foundation year education is practised and delivered in schools.


A workshop on Integration of Art and Culture in Teaching Learning Practices by CBSE in collaboration with Google  aimed at acquainting the teachers with the features of Google Arts and Culture so that they can make best use of them in the classroom to make teaching and learning process more effective and interesting.  The resource person Mr Vasudevan from Google took the teachers on an exciting journey to the wonderful world of Google Arts and Culture wherein he explained and demonstrated in detail about how those available features like high quality images, augmented reality of arts and painting, street view, 360 degree videos etc. would enable the students to understand the concepts in a fun- filled way. The workshop mainly focussed on integration of every subject with art so that students retain what is taught and at the same time  they also get to know about the cultural diversity. Overall, the Webinar was an enriching experience.

‘Empowering the learners from rote learning to critical thinking’

A power packed  virtual session was organised by Orient Blackswan on ‘Empowering the learners from rote learning to critical thinking’ on 25 June 2021

The webinar highlighted various ways by which critical thinking can be incorporated in teaching learning process. It also guided the mentors on how to formulate higher order thinking skills MCQs for the learners.
The use of audiovisual aids and clippings from some famous movies made the workshop captivating. It was indeed an informative and interesting session.

significance of social quotient (SQ), emotional quotient (EQ) and intelligent quotient (IQ)

An informative panel discussion was organised by Today’s Friday@5. The

illustrious panelist included Dr Coomi Veviana, Dr Bhavana Bamri, and Mr Kulbhushan Kain. 
The webinar elaborated on the significance of social quotient (SQ), emotional quotient (EQ) and intelligent quotient (IQ)
To improve EQ and help students ,during these turbulent times,they must be taught gratitude, empathy and unconditional giving. For better SQ interpersonal and intrapersonal skills are mandatory.
The session enabled  the participants to learn to strike an optimal balance between developing IQ, EQ and SQ.
It was an enriching learning session for all.

Mathematics lesson plan and design

A workshop was conducted by CBSE Bharat Sahodaya  complex on Mathematics lesson plan and design.

The main focus point of the webinar was competency-based education which would enable the students to hone  their reasoning and problem-solving skills in real life situation.
It was an engaging session for the maths mentors and enabled them to understand the  significance of competency-based lesson plan.

“Early childhood care and Education”

Indraprastha School Sahodaya and Delhi Sahodaya Schools complex organised an important session on “Early childhood care and Education” on 11th June 2021.

Mr A P Sharma, Principal Birla School, Doha spoke about developing a child into sensible, responsible and forward thinking individual.
Some of the points that were highlighted in the session were
* Rearranging the chapters according to the season and current affairs.
* Poems should be of human values.
* Learning from local thing.
* Caring before observation.
* Checking milestones for each child.
Overall, it was a wonderful session and was thoroughly enjoyed by the participants.

‘Lighted to Light’

A webinar  ‘Lighted to Light’ was organised by Think above in association with Futolearn for Principals and Educators on 5th June 2021.

Mr Shirish P Sebastian, International educator, explained that the teachers have to learn to unlearn in this awesome digital  new era. 
Today, it is all about engaging minds online and generating results offline. 
The participants learnt the significance of content creation, new term for lesson plan and myriad ways to explore  new ideas like organising weekly book review. 
Overall the session was very engaging and fruitful.

‘Role of an Educator- Building hope in crisis’

‘Role of an Educator- Building hope in crisis’ was the theme of online workshop conducted by Macmillan Education.

It enumerated how an educator could manage the current challenging situation and mitigate its effects on students
of different age groups.
It highlighted that the mentor needs to be flexible around the student so that they can cope up with their emotional needs during the raging pandemic. Not only this, educators must also take care of their own mental and emotional health as ‘one could not pour from an empty vessel’
Overall ,it was an enriching session for the participants.


Principal's Meeting with staff members on dated 14.05.2021

Formation of examination Committee for tabulation of marks for class x board exam 2021 based on the internal assessments conducted by school

Minutes of online meeting
Dated: 3rd May 21


An online meeting was held by Principal ma’am with the examination committee members to discuss  CBSE vide notification dated 14.04.2021 cancelled the Board Exams for Class X to be held from 4th May to 7th June, 2021.


Experiential Learning during summer vacation

Minutes of online meeting
Dated: 24th April 21

An online meeting was held by Principal ma’am with the teachers to discuss the following points.

1. A Planned and rescheduled teaching was announced by ma’am as per the Directorate of Education vide order No. DE. 23(3)/Sch.Br./2021-22/238 dated 19.04.2021 advanced the summer vacation from 20.04.2021 instead of earlier scheduled from 11.05.2021.
2. Teachers were asked to share their real life learning experiences with the students, containing moral values and motivate students to do the same.
3. A micro teaching  session was also arranged for the teachers for project based learning modal class.
4. This initiative was taken to provide an opportunity to break free from the monotony that might creep in due to continuous teaching- learning activities and also to rejuvenate the students.
5. Teaching during these days must be Activities based and project based with the motive to recreate the students. Happiness and overall social and emotional wellbeing to enrich the overall growth of the students without calling them to school physically.

Role of an Educator

Building hope in crisis’ was the theme of online workshop conducted by Macmillan Education.

It enumerated how an educator could manage the current challenging situation and mitigate its effects on students
of different age groups.
It highlighted that the mentor needs to be flexible around the student so that they can cope up with their emotional needs during the raging pandemic.
Not only this, educators must also take care of their own mental and emotional health as ‘one could not pour from an empty vessel’
Overall ,it was an enriching session for the participants.


An online workshop was held on ‘Design Thinking ‘ on 17 March 2021 by Arch  college of Design and Business, Jaipur.

The session emphasised  on the recommendations set out in  NEP 2020 and  introduction  of ‘design thinking’ by CBSE with the intent to make the new generation of students more creative, innovative and physically fit. Students were also informed about the essential attributes required for  
a successful career.


AI Integrated Multi Disciplinary Pedagogy

The school Principal attended an Orientation Programme conducted by CBSE on ‘AI Integrated Multi Disciplinary Pedagogy’ in collaboration with intel on 15th February, 2021.
Subsequently, three days workshops were organised for teachers teaching English, Maths, Hindi, Science and Social Studies.The importance of AI was highlighted and teachers learnt about various AI tools which can be incorporated in  academic curriculum.


Ms Karuna Verma, Principal SAM, conducted a workshop for the school support staff on the occasion of No Tobacco  Day. They were told about the harmful effects  of tobacco products and the ways of keeping away from it.

Webinar on How to teach effectively with digital and technology

An online workshop on ‘How  to teach effectively with digital and technology’ was organised by Cordova publication on 20th, February 2021.

The teachers learnt about various techniques like  Z-A approach, mind maps etc.  The importance of flipped classroom and how to implement it successfully in classrooms was also learnt by Sam mentors . The various techniques told by the resource person for conducting online and off-line classes were highly informative and useful.

Webinar on Art Integrated Learning

A  very interesting and informative webinar on Art Integrated Learning was conducted by Ms Ruchi Sengar of Orient Black Swan on 29th January ,2021.

The participants learnt to integrate art with subjects like Maths,Science, Social etc. The main purpose of AIL is to help the students to develop their  critical thinking, to connect with their own culture and to enhance their  creative problem solving skills. Prior planning by the educators  for AIL is must for the students to grasp the topic while doing the activity.
Overall the session was fruitful for the educators and they took back valuable inputs regarding Art Integrated Learning.


A webinar was organized  by Sahodaya Schools Organization, Delhi for English educators on 21.10.20. The theme of the webinar was " Inclusion of Soft skills in English language teaching".  
 The resource person gave many examples of soft skills and insisted on inclusion of these soft skills in classroom teachings.
She explained about how to enhance the communication skills of students and instill in them  confidence of presenting themselves gracefully in every situation. Some practical activities were also discussed among the teachers.
The webinar ended on a  positive note.


The webinar on Accounts pedagogy was conducted by Indraprastha School Sahodaya and Delhi School Sahodaya on 21st October,2020. Teachers of many prominent schools participated in the online session.
The discussion included various key points like Principles of good teaching practices, Techniques of  evaluation, Curriculum, Factors involved in quality education, Constructivism etc. 
Overall, it was an enriching session for the teachers


I keep six honest serving-men
(They taught me all I knew);
Their names are What and Why and When
And How and Where and Who.
With these beautiful lines of Rudyard Kipling ,the webinar on "Enhancing Mathematical Thinking" to raise creative learners was initiated for maths educators on 21.10.20.  The resource person shared few strategies which a teacher should adopt to enhance mathematical thinking such as 'How to answer if questions, brainwriting and by appreciating creative ideas' . It was  emphasized that a teacher is not an evaluator rather a facilitator who encourages curiosity among students.


CBSE in association with Centre of creative learning IIT Gandhinagar conducted an online programme on “Essentials of a lesson plan in Science” on 18th August 2020. Mr. Kris Bhatt, Principal of NPS International School, Singapore was the resource person.
Mr Bhatt emphasised upon the importance of lesson planning. He said that through a lesson plan the subject is organised properly. A good lesson plan must have a learning objective, activities, plenary, follow up and extension. A lesson should be based on six levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy i.e. create, evaluate, analyse, apply, understand and remember. He also told about various activities like drill and practice, simulation, interaction with peer, debate discussion and feedback. Most importantly, a child is able to remember and learn ninety percent of the topic if chapter is introduced with previous knowledge and then end with proper recapitulation. He also told about virtual labs like OLABS and VLABS. EPIBA framework for lesson planning-Engage, Prior knowledge, Introduce, Build and Apply was also discussed in the webinar.
Thus, a proper lesson plan makes the atmosphere conducive for learning process and it also builds the confidence of the facilitator. Overall, the session was very interactive and informative.


CBSE organised a workshop for the teachers on 17 August , 2020. The topic of webinar was “Introduction  to Experiential learning”

Pooja Gupta , the resource person discussed the advantages of experiential learning in detail. The workshop focused on “learning  through reflection on doing “  The apprehensions of the participants related to this new approach were addressed and discussed in detail by Ms Gupta.  Use of audiovisual aid made the workshop more interesting and appealing. Overall it was a fruitful learning experience for all the facilitators.


Indraprastha School Sahodaya and Delhi School Sahodaya organised an online workshop for teachers on 6 June ,2020. This online workshop was based on understanding the importance of “online education for children with specific learning disabilities” and the role of teachers to apply new teaching elements and roles in educational technology.
Professor. Saroj Yadav ( Head Deptt. of Education in Social Sciences and Humanities) addressed some academic issues, challenges for the teachers in attending children with special needs. She highlighted the role of teachers in active facilitation, coordination, and tutoring children with learning disabilities and specified teachers must understand that children with special needs need to be taught differently. Followed by her, Dr Jeetendra Nagpal (Psychiatrist, Moolchand Hospital ) suggested policy intervention strategies for teachers and counsellors on addressing behavioural problems. He highlighted on providing remedial education to help the children acquire age appropriate skills in functional areas.
The workshop was highly interactive and educational for teachers to develop skills in assisting children with special needs. It was very informative for practicing and great learning exposure for teachers


Keeping in mind the Mental Wellness of her Educators, the School Principal, Ms. Karuna Verma organized a workshop on “Anger Understanding and Handling” on 25th Jan 2020. The resource person was Mr. Ashish Bawa, Consultant, Stress Management and OEL and Vice President, DCWS (Delhi Council for Welfare of Sportsmen). It was a generic anger management workshop designed to address the impact of anger directed towards the professional from all aspects including work colleagues.The resource person taught the teachers how to manage their own anger as well as that of service users, to recognize what triggers anger generically and how to address those in danger of escalating from anger to violence. The workshop concluded with participants gaining a greater understanding of their own boundaries concerning anger directed at them and anger arising within them. The workshop empowered the teachers to differentiate between destructive and constructive anger, enabling them to be more productive at work.


A counseling workshop on "Education in U.S.A" was organized inside the school campus on 12th September 2019, in association with Wichita State University and State University of New York, by SIMPLED. The following dignitaries from these U.S Universities conducted the workshop and guided the students about the different options available in U.S.A after passing class 12th exams:
• Chris Wright, Dean of Admissions, Massachusetts College of Art and Design
• Dan Serig, Associate Vice President for academic affairs, Massachusetts College of Art and Design
• Kate Friedrich, International Admissions Advisor, State University of New York
• Sam Eastes , International Admissions Officer, Wichita State University
• Mr. Yasir Ansari, Director and Co-Founder, SIMPLED
The workshop concluded with an interactive session between the resource persons and the students


An initiative to create awareness among the educators of the school about the "Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012" was taken by the respected principal Mam, Ms. Karuna Verma and a Workshop was organised in the school premises on "POCSO" on 13th September 2019. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Lucky Puchhrat in liaison with HT. All the educators of Junior, Middle and Senior Wings attended the workshop in two sessions between 9am-1pm. Mr. Puchhrat introduced the topic in a very informative and interactive way through various activities and presentations. It concluded on a positive note with the educators taking a vow to be more cautious and sensitive while dealing with their kids at home and the students in school


The spirit of bettering oneself is what defines an educationist. As a part of this endeavour, Sam International School organised a workshop for the teachers of Pre School and Pre Primary on August 03, 2019. The resource person was Ms. Charu Bhardwaj ( Founder and CEO of skills and you ) and Ms. Simran. They emphasized on how to enhance the skills of the students by using various classroom activities. While Ms. Simran entailed hands on learning for the teachers by indulging them in how to make creative puppets and their story telling sessions more enjoyable for the kids. The workshop saw active participation of the teachers who shared their classroom experiences and showed commendable team spirit while narrating various stories.


Teachers of Sam International School were fortunate enough to attend a workshop, conducted on 29th June 2019 for classes 6th to 12th in school itself. The Resource person, Ms. Rohini Bhat, a proficient Trainer from Bangalore and an expert of customized training programmes conducted this informative and interactive workshop, based on Employment Skills covering all Emerging trends.
Ample of group activities were conducted by teachers and it ended with healthy environment with a great success.


Workshop on 'Phonological awareness of reading and speaking skills through experiential learning' and 'Story telling as a tool for teaching'.

Learning is a never ending process and there are umpteen ways one can learn.
Workshop is one such way where one learns new ways of teaching and enhancing knowledge.
On 29th June 2019 a workshop on 'Phonological awareness of reading and speaking skills through experiential learning " and 'Story telling as a tool for teaching' was conducted in the school premises by Ms. Alka Rai.


A workshop on " role of body language and non-verbal communication in teaching" was organized by Sam International School on 28th May,2019 in collaboration with 'The Rising Sun Pitamber Publication '.The resource person ,Kiran Misra, a senior English Broadcaster at All India Radio and translator for Prime Minister's Mann Ki Baat',equipped the facilitators to deal with various non-verbal communication which includes proxemics-spatial communication, hands-our trust indicators ,gestures etc. Teachers enjoyed doing various role plays during the workshop.


A workshop on “MAPPING THE SUCCESS” was organized by SAM International School for the teachers on 11 May, 2019 in collaboration with NIE. The Resource person Ms Monika Solanki, who is an expert in mentoring and training people on interpersonal skills and developing positive personality traits, enriched teachers on how to work with various professionals, people and groups to understand the meaning of life and work in the present context. She gave the formula of E + R = O that is Event + Response = Outcome to learn to evaluate oneself (self appraisal and introspection) for further growth, personally and professionally. The session proved to be highly fruitful.


Sam International School organized a workshop on 1st April 2019 for the teachers of Pre-School and Pre-Primary. The resource person was Ms. Charu Bhardwaj (Founder & CEO of skills and you) which is one of the leading education enterprise certified by NSDC. She emphasized on how the teachers can enhance the effectiveness and teaching skills. It was an amazing experience for all the teachers.



Next Education Workshop

Technology can become the ‘wings’ that will allow the educational world to fly farther. Keeping this motive in mind SAM International school, Dwarka organized a digital educational workshop for teacher of Pre- Primary on 17th January, 2019. Mr. Rajesh Sareen and Mr. Arunendra Kumar from Next Education guided the teachers, new and innovative modes of teaching digitally. Teacher participated in the workshop with great zeal and enthusiasm and cleared all their queries related to the workshop.


Skills and You
A workshop was organized with Ms. Charu Bajaj M.D & CEO of “Skills & You” for the teachers of Pre-Primary wing on October 12, 2018. She delivered immense guidelines with her team related to syllabus, planners, practice books and teaching aids for Pre-School and Pre-Primary. Book sets named “Curio” for Pre-School and Pre-Primary were also shared by them which were very impressive and creative.


Behavioral Issues (Students)
SAM International School organized a workshop for the teachers on 'How to deal with the behavioral issues of the students' on September 29, 2018 in collaboration with NIE. The resource person was Ms Anu Singh, a renowned psychologist. The workshop aimed at sensitizing the teachers to enhance their effectiveness as facilitators by adopting basic techniques of counseling and subsequently providing guidance to children.


Emerging Grammar Techniques
A workshop on the topic “Emerging Grammar Techniques” was conducted in SAM International School on 25 September 2018 by Ms. Prakriti Srivastava in collaboration with Oxford University Press for English teachers. The main focus of the workshop was the effective techniques of integrating grammar in the real world. The key points of the workshop were - features of left and right brain learners


Memorable Moments with Ruskin Bond
School provided a life time opportunity to the teachers of English Department to take part in an Interactive Session with the legendary writer Ruskin Bond on 8 September 2018 at The Park, Parliamentary Street. Attending the Workshop was an enriching experience as Mr Ruskin Bond shared his experience of childhood, family, his works and inspiration. He shared some easy tips to become a famous writer like him.


Workshop on Importance of preparing Blue Print and Marking Scheme
An intensive workshop was conducted on 6th September 2018 by honourable Principal Ms Karuna Verma  to guide the teachers for preparing good question papers. She emphasized the importance of preparing blue prints before setting the question papers. She further added that preparing marking scheme and answer key is also an effective tool for checking the answer sheets.  The session proved to be very fruitful .