Class VI Syllabus for Annual Examination (2018 – 2019)

Class VI
Syllabus for Annual Examination (2018 – 2019)
                        Unit 1, Sec-2 Tom Paints the Fence
                        Unit 2, Sec-3 - Ten Tall Oak Trees
                        Unit 4, Sec-2 - Return to Air
                        Unit 5, Sec-1 - The Women Painters of Mithila
                                    Sec-2 - Quality
                                    Sec-3- Indian Weavers
                        Unit 6, Sec-1 - The Roswell UFO Incident
                                    Sec-2 - The Canterville Ghost
                                    Sec-3 - Off to Outer Space Tomorrow
                        L-1- Nouns
                        L-2- Nouns: Number
                        L-3-Nouns: Gender
L-5- Pronouns
                        L-8- The Verbs
                        L-10- Tenses
L-13- Prepositions
                        L-14- Conjunctions
                        L-20- Narration – Direct & Indirect Speech
Writing Skill:
                        Formal Letter Writing            
                        Notice Writing
                        Diary Entry
                        Message Writing
Hindi: ikB~;iqLrd olar &   ikB 3% uknku nksLr
                    ikB 10% >k¡lh dh jkuh
                    ikB 12%  lalkj iqLrd gS                  
                    ikB 13%  eSa lcls NksVh gksÅ¡
                   ikB 14%    yksdxhr
                   ikB 15%    ukSdj
                   ikB 16%   ou ds ekxZ esa
                   ikB 17% lk¡l &lk¡l esa fuca/k
O;kdj.k  &  vifBr xn~;kaÓ] in~;kaÓ] loZuke ]fyax ]opu ]dkjd] fo”ks’k.k] fdz;k
            fojke fpg~u] eqgkojs vkSj yksdksfDr;k¡] okD;ka”k ds fy, ,d “kCn]vusdkFkhZ “kCn
           i;kZ;okph “kCn]foykse “kCn
ys[ku  &  i= ] vuqPNsn ] laokn & ys[ku
uSfrd dgkuh & ckjgoha lokjh ] uUgk flikgh] vOoy
Maths:            Ch-6    Integers
                        Ch-7    Fractions
                        Ch-8    Decimals
                        Ch-9    Data Handling
                        Ch-10  Mensuration
                        Ch-11  Algebra
                        Ch-12  Ratio and Proportion
                        Ch-13  Symmetry
                        Ch-14  Practical Geometry
Science:          Ch-6    Separation of Substances
Ch-7    Living Organisms and their Habitats
                        Ch-9    Animals and their Movements
                        Ch-10  Adaptations in Living Organisms
                        Ch-11 Measurements and Motions
                        Ch-12  Electricity and Circuits
                        Ch-13  Fun with Magnets
                        Ch-15  Light, Shadows and Reflections
                        Ch-17  The Science of Garbage
                        Ch-8    Plants- Forms and Functions
Social Science:
Ch-6    Kingdoms, Kings and an early republic
            Ch -8   Ashoka, The Emperor who gave up War
            Ch -10 Traders, Kings and pilgrims
            Ch – 11 New Empires and Kingdoms
            Ch-12  Buildings, Paintings and Books
Ch-2    Globe: Latitudes and Longitudes
Ch -5   Major domains of the earth
Ch- 6   Major landforms of the earth
Ch-7    Our Country- India
Ch-8    India: Climate, Vegetation and Wildlife
            Ch-3    What is Government?
            Ch-5    Panchayati Raj
            Ch-6    Rural Administration
            Ch-7    Urban Administration
 ikBk%                    6& dkjd LFkkus foHkfDr% A
                          8& o`{kL; mi;ksfxrkA
                          9& ee ikB’kkykA
                         10& ijksidkj% A
                         12& esV`ks;kuL; ;k=kA
                         13& x.krU=fnol%A 
 O;                ‘kCn:ikf.k /kkrq:ikf.k pA ¼i`”Bla[;k& 126&131½
                         la[;k & 1 r% 100 i;ZUre~A ‘kCndks”k% 1@2A

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