“Music is the language of the soul, and Dance is a silent Poetry”
The purpose of having Music lab is to provide the students with an understanding of the fundamentals of music and at the same time strengthening their bond with one of the finest forms of art. The Lab proves to be very useful for exploring the various dimensions of music- whether performing a vocal, solo, rehearsing to tune the strings or creating compositions.
We have also built a Dance Lab in the School campus. Classes such as aerobics/yoga or Turn! Jump! Leap! explore movements  for the young dancers and teach the basics of dance and class etiquette. As kids get older, they begin the understanding of working towards injecting the choreography with their own experiences and feelings, to give their moves more emotional depth and find a method of expression that is incomparable.
Our trained faculty of music & dance is committed to giving the students the tools they need to study and perform, as well as the confidence and inspiration to pursue all inspiring forms of dance & music.