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S.I.S. organised a workshop for it's students on the topic was Mental Health, Social Media Addiction, Stress Management. How to deal with stress coping mechanisms. The resource person for the workshop was Dr. Shubhangni Jain, RCI certified Rehabilitation and counselling psychologist, currently working as an assistant professor at Rishihood University and IGNOU as a senior psychology faculty.  
The Workshop aimed at  highlighting the importance of Mental Health and how it should be prioritised. 
The event embarked with a presentation, which explained the importance of mental health, the factors affecting it, and seeking acceptance. It was suggested to spend less time on social media instead build healthy relationships with family and friends.
A day filled with awareness-building exercises thus, reinforced the message that mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of. Neither is talking about it. It’s ‘Time to Talk, it’s Time to Change’.


In today's fast-paced and demanding world, students in Class VIII and IX often find themselves facing a multitude of challenges that can lead to stress and anxiety. To address this concern, a comprehensive workshop on stress management was conducted for these young individuals.

The workshop, led by Akhilesh Arun,  who has an experience of about 33 years as a language facilitator, administrator and team leader in different fields of banking and training sessions aimed to equip students with valuable tools and strategies to effectively manage and reduce stress in their lives.

The workshop was highly interactive, allowing students to share their experiences, ask questions, and engage in group activities. It fostered a supportive and open environment where students felt comfortable discussing their challenges.


SAM international School's students at Rishihood University.

A group of 56,XI and XII class Psychology students had an enriching experience at a Mental health workshop organised at Rishihood University,Sonipat on
12 October 2023.

The workshop focused at Need of Mental Health and therapies to meet the challanges.In attendance were dignitaries were NIOS Chairperson Mrs.Saroj Delhi Teacher's Association Vice Chancellor Mr.Dhanjay Joshi and Mr.Gaurav, Assistant Superintendent of Police shared even his own experience and made a quotable remark.`Mental problems are the origin of mind and these solutions lie in mental address only`.
Students had first hand experience of Bowl,Dance,Music and many more therapy activities.The students got enlighted.They opined that such enriching workshops should be frequented off and on.The three teacher's on escort duty took all care to make the trip valuable and hassle free.School proposes a vote of thanks to Rishihood University for providing students a praise worthy opportunity.

Awareness Workshop on Online Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse

An online students' workshop was conducted by Delhi High Court in collaboration with Delhi Police on 25th May 2023 for the students of classes IX-XII. The topic was : "Awareness Workshop on Online Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse". 

The Chief Guest at the event was Supreme Court judge, Justice P.S Narasimha. Chief Justice Satish Chandra Sharma, other judges of the Delhi High Court and Commissioner of Delhi Police Sanjay Arora were also present. 
Delivering the welcome address, Justice Mukta Gupta said that the workshop and Delhi High Court’s initiative of launching the interactive videos are founded on the idea of protecting the children from “anything that threatens to take away their optimism and innocence.”
Justice Mukta added that the idea behind launching the interactive videos is to prevent cyber bullying, online threatening, cyber sexting and cyber stalking.
“These videos show how in the normal course of events, children fall prey to the cyber crimes,” the judge said.
Delivering his introductory address, Delhi Police Commissioner Sanjay Arora said that the most important tool to prevent crime, especially crime against vulnerable sections like children, is awareness.
Chief Justice Sharma and Justice Siddharth Mridul also delivered keynote and special addresses. The vote of thanks was delivered by Justice Saurabh Banerjee.

Workshop on POCSO

A workshop on POCSO-Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses was conducted in Sam International School by the honorable principal  Ms.Karuna Verma on 24th May 2023, to make girls  aware of their own  protection from sexual abuse. Anotherpurpose of this workshop was aneffective address to the heinous crimes of sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children specially girls . Ma’am shared  one recent  molestation  case,took place   in one of the coaching centers , and  guided girls  to share everything with their parents. Ma’am  threw light on personal hygiene care and guided them to   be alert  with the sense of good touch and bad touch.Ma’am also  directed teachers to understand the problem of students ,intimately and to find out the solution.
Workshop concluded in smooth manner and teachers resolute to inculcate required safety measures amongst the students.

Workshop on 'Artificial Intelligence' for Classes XI & XII on 4th Aug 22

Celebrating 75th Azadi Ka Amrut Mahotsav, SIS conducted a workshop on ‘Artificial Intelligence’ in Samanvay Hall for classes XI and XII on 4th August, 2022. This theme was chosen to inspire the young minds to be aware about the use of 'AI Technology'.

The guest speaker for the workshop was Mr. Varun Duggal. He is a B-Tech from IIT-Banaras and currently pursuing his P.hD in AI with research on Quantum Computers. He is adept at teaching subjects like Data Analytics, Statistics, AI, PM, E-Commerce, MIS and OR. He has an experience of 30 years in this field.
Many fun games and interactive activities were conducted during the workshop for the students. It ended with a Q&A session.

Workshop on Anger Management for Classes IX & X

Celebrating 75th Azadi Ka Amrut Mahotsav, SIS conducted a workshop on ‘Anger Management’ in Samanvay Hall for classes IX and X on 1st August 2022. This theme was chosen to imbibe the values of harmony and brotherhood among the young learners of the nation. 

The guest speaker for the workshop was Ms. Sunita Malkani. She has an experience of 20 years as a senior educator and administrator in Naval Public School, New Delhi. She is also a content developer, proofreader and copyeditor for many publishers and organisations.
Many activities were conducted during the workshop for the students. It ended on a positive note.


SAM International School conducted a workshop on “*Careers of the Future, Future of Career” * for the students of Class XII on 8th Feb 2022. It was hosted by Mr. Pranab Guha, Director, Edu Tv. Many prominent universities participated in the workshop.
It was an extremely enriching experience for students and they wished  to be a part of such sessions  in the future as well. We are sure students feel they can ‘stay ahead of the curve’ with opportunities such as these to enlighten them.


Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease of an illness."- WHO

On the occasion of World's Mental Health Day, a workshop was organized for the students on the importance of mental health. The students actively participated in the interactive workshop and realized the value of keeping a check on one's mental health as one does with their physical health to keep them holistically healthy. The workshop ended with an overwhelming note as the students promised the facilitator to prioritize their mental health and actively work towards maintaining it.


A webinar on NTSE/MVPP was conducted by GOF Academy on  5th October 2021 at 4 pm, for the students of classes IX and X
The webinar was  informative and relevant as it dealt with the NTSE/MVPP topics. The students interacted freely with the faculty and cleared their doubts. It was enriching and fruitful session for one and all.

University Admissions 2021 for XII

University Admissions 2021 for XII 

 A webinar was conducted by Edu TV on 20th ,29th May and 11th June for 2020 batch of class XII students.
Renowned resource persons from prominent Indian Higher Education Institutes were present. They guided the students about procedures for seeking admission in Universities like Flame University Pune, PEARL university, Shobit University, Meerut. The queries of the students regarding courses offered, and admission criteria were answered in the webinar.


An enriching webinar on “ Careers in the field of law” was conducted by Edu TV for students of class XII on 17 March, 2021.

Students were informed about the new-age careers in the legal field and the wide scope of pursuing law education. Eminent lawyer and educationist, MM Pant, guided the students about various career  options
and  cleared their doubts.
Overall it was an informative session for the students


“Do what you love” was the tagline of  a virtual career counselling session  conducted on 10th October, 2020. Students of class XII showed keen interest in the session. They enquired about the various new age courses from the panel members.


“ Transition from school to universities during Covid-19”   An online discussion was organised by Edu TV on 6th June 2020 for the outgoing students of class  XII(2019-20). The discussion helped the students to get an insight into various higher studies options available to them during  the time of prevailing uncertainty.


An online session on virtual learning: opportunities and challenges was conducted by Edu TV on 22nd May 2020. Chhavi and Dhriti Kapoor of class XI were part of the panel. Valuable inputs were provided to the students on the benefits and the drawbacks of online education.


A workshop on “Career Counseling” for the students of Class XII was organized by our respective Principal Mam on 11th October 2019, and it was conducted by Dr. Sunil Kumar Roy, Dean, School of management Sciences. The resource person started the session with some real life experiences, which was enlightening for the students. Thereafter, he started an interactive session with the students asking their aims and aspirations in life. The session concluded with an interactive question answer round and a vote of thanks by the faculty members.


An Astronomy Workshop was conducted by 'SPACE Explorers' for the students in the school premises . It was specifically designed to give hands on experience to the students about the various aspects of Space Science. The different activities undertaken for various class groups were like: ● For classes Kg to II - Assembling a Satellite. The kids were informed about the functions of a satellite. Students constructed their own satellite models with the help of the resource persons. ● For classes III to V – Martian Rover Model. Students were educated about the Martian Rover and its parts. The students participated in a fun filled activity by assembling the jumbled pieces of a Martian Rover. ● For classes VI to IX – Hydrobot. The students were explained the concept of hydraulics and the new water robots. They also created a dummy model of the Hydrobot. All the students were given take away kits for the activities done by them in the workshop.


Space Workshops propose hands-on learning opportunities in the field of Astronomy and Space Sciences for the students as their mind is triggered to ask questions instigate curiosity and discover the mysteries of our Universe. Keeping this objective in mind a space workshop was organized for the students to know the facts of 'Sun'. Resource persons from 'SPACE India' began the workshop by explaining interesting facts about Sun. The workshop was designed aptly for the students of different classes as per their syllabus. Students answered very enthusiastically and got hands on training for solar observation. Senior students also made a solar view box and viewed the Sun through telescope with filter. The workshop also made the students aware about astronomy and its relevance in our day-to-day life. The best part of the workshop which made students ecstatic was receiving a take away kit and information booklet with amazing facts and questions.


Sam International School believes that despite of higher qualifications and good qualities, sometimes we need to create a positive impression of ourselves in the minds of other people. This will have a positive impact on our student life, personal life and relationships. Keeping this in mind a workshop was conducted in Sam International School for the students of class VII to improve their personality. Resource person Ms. Sunita Malkani, NIE Times of India, having 20 years teaching experience at Naval Public School, coordinator for PEAS (Programme for Environmental Awareness in Schools) elucidated the students how to work on developing self-confidence, communication, body signs, relationships, creative self, working with others and leadership qualities as well. Personality development workshop helped the students to develop a positive attitude in life, to inculcate positive qualities like punctuality, flexible, positive attitude, willingness to learn etc. Workshop also helped in reducing stress and conflicts. It was really an informative workshop which finally consummated efficiently.


SAM International School believes in overall safety and security of a child. Young children are especially vulnerable on the roads because of their developing senses, lack of awareness and distractibility. Keeping this in mind an enlightening workshop on Road Safety and Traffic rules was conducted for the students by Hindustan Times in collaboration with Hero Honda. Resource person Mr. Ashish Malviya, presently working for an NGO named Indian Road Safety Campaign began by snooping a question “Why focus on Road Safety”? He also guided about broadly categorized basic road signs and suggested them to be a good Samaritan, means one who, in good faith, without any expectation, voluntarily comes out forward to administer immediate assistance or emergency care to a person injured in an accident, or emergency medical condition. Road safety movies were also shown to educate the students. At the end of the session a pledge was taken by the students to obey traffic rules and also to be a good Samaritan.


Sam International School organised an Informative workshop for the students of classes III – V. The resource person, Mr. Nitin Gambhir, heading Stem Center Ace, One of the Pioneering institutions aimed at providing non-traditional courses in technology and skill development, elucidated the students about  mechanism of robotics. Plentiful of activities were conducted. Best part of this workshop was when students were made robots to follow the instructions given by other students. Students really enjoyed and came to know, how these robots help human beings in making their task easy, to solve their everyday problems. Slides were also revealed to distinguish diverse kinds of robots. Tiny tots also learnt how to code a robot as they can only work on given instructions.
The motive of this workshop was to make robotic tech-education simple for every child.


Sam International school organised an interactive and proficiency building workshop for girls, by Procter and Gamble with a purpose to create daring amongst girls to be confident in life. Resource person Ms. Harin kaur, a motivational speaker stimulated girls to be bold, significant and poise.
The integrated theme “SWAG: Simply Wonderful and Amazing Girls” left all of them awestruck to know the reimbursement of being valiant. Girls were shown clips of Mary Kom, Safina-from Gully boy and Geeta from Dangal. They were also demonstrated with ample of activities. The Workshop concluded in bouncing manner with radiant faces.


The school organized a workshop for the students of classes IX and X on Personal Management i.e. Anger Management and Stress Management, Communication skills and Leadership Skills on 18 April 2019. The workshop was organized in collaboration with HT and the Resource person was Mr Lucky Puchhrat , a personal management expert. He taught the students how to deal with challenges and make superior decisions.



A Workshop was organized on the topic, Creative Skills, on 8 April 2019 in collaboration with NIE. The resource person Ms Vandana Tandon enriched the students on different methods of Creative Writing. Students took great interest and enhanced their knowledge.



SAM International School organized a workshop for the children of classes Pre-Primary to VIII and their parents in collaboration with Space Technology & Education Pvt Ltd. on 19 March 2019 which aimed at sharing the knowledge and experience in the field of astronomy. The topic for classes III – V was ‘Destination Moon’ and it was about Planets of Solar System. The topic for VI- VIII was ‘Evening Rendezvous with the sky’. Students and their parents enjoyed various fun filled and informative activities during the session like crater formation, phases of moon, telescopic view of Moon and Mars. Children learnt how to launch a rocket. The workshop proved to be highly fruitful and informative.



Hygiene, and Sanitation play an important part in maintaining health. A healthy child has better learning and retaining ability. SAM International organized a workshop on health and hygiene in collaboration with Proctor and Gamble Company on 13 February 2019. The workshop included a very inspiring lecture by Ms Shilpa Sharma, the Resource Person. It was very informative as the students were made aware about the importance of maintaining hygiene of sensory organs. The students were quite intrigued and enthusiastic about the various aspects of basic health and hygiene that they got to learn about in the workshop



As very aptly remarked by William Shakespeare about Time Management- “Make use of time, let not advantage slip.” Time Management plays a vital role in the life of a student. To teach the skill of Time Management a workshop was organized by SAM International School in association with NIE for the students to enable them to use their limited time judiciously. The Resource person Ms Anu Singh enlightened the students and taught them the skills of Time Management.


Career Counseling Workshop

The students of class XII attended a career counseling workshop at JM. International School Sector 6, Dwarka. It was conducted by Mr.Jitin Chawla, an MBA graduate and founder director of North Indian's top Career Counseling Institute, "Jitin Chawla's Centre for Career Development". Mr Jatin focused on the changes and the freshly introduced courses offered by different universities. He cleared many misconceptions in career planning and skill development.  Mr Abdullah Ahmed, the Director from International Institute of Hotel Management, asked questions to students regarding their choice of career and the options offered in the field. He enlightened the students about hospitality Industry and the avenue's offered by it. Ms. Rekha, head-academics AFA, enlightened the students about creative careers in various prestigious institutions. She motivated the students to opt for various career options in the creative field. Live examples from various walks of life motivated the students to ponder over different career opportunities. On the whole it was very a fruitful and informative session for the students of class XII who are on the threshold of a new venture of life.


Workshop on Stress & Anger Management
A workshop on stress and anger management was held on 31 October 2018 for the students of classes IX-XII in collaboration with NIE. The workshop was presided over by Ms Anu Singh who gave tips on how to deal with stress and anger.


Astronomy Workshop
On September 11, 2018, a workshop on Astronomy was conducted by Space Technology and Education Pvt. Ltd. in the school premises. The workshop was interactive and engaging. It comprised of a presentation and various astronomy activities such as Comet making, Rocket launch etc. It was a wholesome learning experience for the students.